Three Far-Stretched Predictions For The 2020-2021 NBA Season


Everyone has their version of what is going to happen this season. In an NBA season, anything can happen. The trade market did not disappoint as it was one of the most active offseason in regards to trades that we have seen in a while.

For contending teams, there is a window of opportunity to compete for the title. With that said, here are the three most shocking predictions entering the new NBA season.

Devin Booker Wins MVP.

Booker is a dark horse among the NBA Picks to win the MVP, but he has shown a high-level of play over the years. Over the last two seasons, Booker has averaged 26.6 points per game and 6.6 assists.

With the addition of Chris Paul, Booker will fly high towards the top of the player charts. We saw what James Harden could do when he played alongside Paul, having won an MVP in 2018. With that type of firepower, he could compete for the MVP trophy.

The Suns have the talent to make the playoffs. However, the Suns will need key contributions from their best player. In this season, Booker is going to average over 30 points per game, while his assist count will increase to eight per game. The Suns haven’t seen an MVP since Steve Nash. Booker could be the first.

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Trail Blazers Ship Damien Lillard To The Lakers

By playing average, it will force the team to make a major move when Lillard isn’t happy. In a way to take the NBA title for good, the Lakers will pull off the blockbuster trade for  Lillard. With a three-year window with LeBron, the Lakers will go all-in for the next three seasons.

While the Lakers could ship Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso or Dennis Schroder, this package will also promote four first-round picks. The picks – 2021, two from 2023, and one in 2024. That means that the Lakers will not pick in the first round until the year 2025. However, if that means three NBA championships over the next three seasons, would it be worth it? This dynasty would cement their legacy as one of the top NBA teams ever.

Denver Nuggets Trade For Kevin Love

The Cavaliers’ ship has sailed since LeBron left a second time, which makes Love the last remaining contributor from the 2016 title team. Love is the team’s best trade asset and is due to make $31 million per season over the next two years and $28 million in the final season. For a power forward that can average close to 17 points and 10 rebounds, those aren’t terrible numbers to work within salary.

The Nuggets need a power forward, plain and simple. Millsap should be more of a backup at this point in his career. Love will join a lineup of Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic, Gary Harris, and Michael Porter Jr. The Nuggets made the Western Conference Finals last year and didn’t have enough to get over the hump. This would maybe get Denver to the NBA Finals.



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