Interior Design Tips Inspired From The Professional Sportsmen’s Homes


Argentine footballer Lionel Messi has designed a luxurious home in Barcelona,  which is a three-tiered building built from environmentally friendly materials.

Eco-approach to the design became quite popular in our days and Lionel Messi can be a good demonstrative example of this.

But you shouldn’t be a famous sportsman to recreate this style, if you will follow some simple rules you can be closer to the Lionel Messi eco-home.

Such interiors look very natural, as if they were created by nature itself, and not by man. Organic and natural elements give the home an incredibly cozy and harmonious atmosphere that makes you feel safe and secure. Eco-style is a style inspired by nature. It assumes the unity of a person’s dwelling with the environment.

It should be noted that eco-style is not unique and distinctive; rather, it borrows various features, forms, and ideas from other directions, bringing it all together. Let’s look at the main features of eco-style:


The eco-style is characterized by calm natural colors that are found in nature: beige, brown, sand, white, gray, green.

Also, the colors of natural elements (water, fire, earth, air) with their pastel shades will perfectly fit here, so you can safely choose blue, red, yellow tones.


A characteristic feature of the eco-style is the use of natural environmentally friendly materials donated by Mother Nature herself. Wood is often used, including its exotic varieties (sandalwood, wenge, rattan, mahogany).

In addition, there is a place for such materials as stone, clay, glass, natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool). You can choose materials that at least simply imitate natural textures.


Basically, furniture that corresponds to the “eco” concept is made from solid wood and covered with rough natural fabric. The eco-style is characterized by furniture of simple laconic forms, but in order for it not to seem too simple and expressionless, designers combine wood with other materials.

Decorative elements are either completely absent, or their minimum number is used. Airy rattan furniture will also look appropriate in this style.

Decor elements

Decor elements used in eco-design should bring you closer to nature. Be sure to put fresh flowers and plants in the house; ikebana, dried flowers, phytowalls will look harmonious.

An important place is occupied by products made from solid parts of the wood (stumps, driftwood, branches). Also, typical accessories for eco-style are wicker baskets, clay and ceramics, mats, linen curtains, and tablecloths.

Briton David Beckham chose a house in central London worth $ 40 million, built at the beginning of the 19th century.

David Beckham with his love for the classics can be a good example of good taste in interior design. To recreate this approach you can follow some simple rules.

Key features of the classic approach to the interior design

Despite such an abundance of interpretations, we will try to highlight the most common features of this style, as well as give examples of the typical design of a classic interior.

The presence of clear focal points.

Such centers are called interior objects around which the composition is built, in other words, this is the starting point of reference in the coordinate system. For example, if the fireplace in the living room is the focal point, then the furniture is placed around it, the floor pattern of the parquet converges to the fireplace, the wall lamps are placed strictly symmetrically on the sides. Thus, all interior and decor items are connected with each other in one composition and are like a “continuation of the fireplace”. There can be several focal points in the interior.

Symmetry and correct geometry (straight lines).

The character of the style is manifested in the symmetry of the arrangement of architectural groups, forms, in the clarity of lines, and strictly visible geometry. If you mentally draw a straight line, divide the room into two equal parts and decor items on one side mirror objects on the other, then most likely you have a classic in front of you. This characteristic refers, first of all, to classicism and antique motives.

Several light sources.

Until the 20th century, electric lighting did not exist, so one chandelier in the room (with candles) was always not enough for normal room lighting, and it was also inconvenient. Therefore, architects have always worried about having multiple lighting fixtures in a room. Wall and table lamps were very popular.


For several centuries of the existence of the style, it has become so accustomed to associate it with the interiors of the houses of respectable people that today’s classics are an example and an indicator of solidity.

It is not surprising, because at all times, rich people have been trendsetters. It is important to note that sheer luxury refers primarily to the Baroque, Rococo and Empire styles, but classicism may well be modest and ascetic.

Natural building and finishing materials

As well as materials for decoration: stone, wood, precious metals, plaster moldings, expensive fabrics. Despite the fact that today there are many “plastic substitutes” stylized for the classics, it is still difficult to attribute these materials to the characteristic of the classic style.

National character.

Traditionally, the classics in the interior clearly express national habits. For example, French classic interiors are historically pretentious and pompous; among the British, they are restrained and a little ascetic. You can watch British classic interior designs that can be a good inspiration if you want to have home like David Beckham has.

However, the athlete plans to carry out a complete reconstruction in it, so that then Victoria’s wife can hold fashion shows in the halls of the mansion.

Furniture in a classic style

Italian manufacturers are considered recognized masters of furniture in this style. Although, in our time, almost every large factory has a series of furniture in the classic style in its assortment. This is due to the fact that such furniture is always in demand. To find such furniture you can use NY furniture Outlets, which has a wide assortment of qualitative furniture in the classic style.

The appearance and stylistic features depend on the direction of the style: baroque, rococo, empire style, national classics – each of these trends has its own characteristic differences. For example, rococo furniture stands out for its characteristic curved legs on chairs, tables, or beds, while the empire (imperial style) uses gilding. However, the common features for original classic furniture are the use of natural materials, excellent workmanship, and high price.


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