Celebrity Height Comparison: How Tall Am I Compared To Others


Height is the distance from the soles of your feet to the top of the head when standing straight. To get an accurate measurement, you need to place your back completely flat on a vertical surface such as a wall.

A Stadiometer is an instrument used to measure height, and the result can either be in feet or centimeters. Height is dimorphic, in that it varies between the genders and characterized by different attributes.

Is 5’4″ average height for a woman?

A lot of research and studies have been conducted to determine the average height of both genders.

Based on the findings, it has been found that the worldwide average height for a woman above 18 years is 5’6″.

However, in America, 5’4 was determined to be the average height for a woman as compared to 5’11 for a man of similar age.

Countries in Europe and the Scandinavian region recorded higher averages, while those in South Asia were on the lower end.

What’s the average human height?

It can be hard to determine what the average human height is globally. Height is influenced by many factors such as genetics, nutrition, and overall standard of living, as stated by the World Health Organization.

The average height of men over 18 years of age currently stands at 183 cm, and that of women is 170cm, according to the latest studies by WHO.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the average height of humans currently is 177cm. Predictions have it that this number will change over time as the standard of living continues to improve the world over.

How tall is the average American?

America is a country that is diverse in terms of the ethnicity of the population. There exist considerable differences in the average height for each great community.

According to a CDC report published in December 2018, Non-Hispanic whites are the tallest with an average height of 5’6″ whereas Mexican Americans come in at an average of 5’4″.

These numbers were the result of calculating the mean height for both males and females in each community.

Celebrity height comparison

Celebrities are a big part of society. You will often find yourself looking up to a particular personality and see how you stack up against them.

The common attribute that is most compared is height. It is a natural attribute and gives you a sense of victory once you find out you are taller than your favorite Celebrity.

The demand for this data has led to the creation of various websites of tools and websites that offer this information readily. Taller heels and So Celebrity are some of the sites where you can find this information.

Length comparison

When it comes to length, two central systems are used to provide a measurement. These are the Imperial System and the Metric system.

The Metric system is the most used globally. It is governed by the International System of Units, to ensure conformity and those metric units are accepted universally. In the United States, the units are based on the Imperial System.

Height comparison cm to feet

Depending on where you are in the world, your height can either be reported in centimeters (cm) or feet (ft).

Centimeters refer to the metric system and feet are for the imperial system. It is easy to convert the units from one system to another. One foot is equivalent to 30.48 centimeters. So if you are 6 ft. tall, your height is 182.88 cm

Height difference between couples chart


The above two images show the height preferences for couples about their ideal partner.

According to most people surveyed, women prefer taller companions with the ideal height being 5’11”. This is not far from the current human of average height of 5’8″.

There is not much difference between gender preferences, with only about 3 inches being the gap in all height classes.

Hand comparison

There are differences in the hand between males and females. From most of the studies conducted, men tend to have a more extended ring finger as compared to females.

Another difference is that males tend to have bigger hands as compared to females. Similarly, the length of your hand is also dependent on your height. For most age groups, regardless of the gender, your height is around nine times longer than the length of your hand.

How tall are the most famous actors?

There are many famous actors in Hollywood tower above the six-foot mark.

One such example is Gwendoline Christie from Game Of Thrones who is 6’5″. Allison Jenney, Brooke Shields, and Aisha Tyler are also six feet tall and above. In the male category, we have Jeff Goldblum from the Transformers series, who stands at 6’4″. Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, and Ben Affleck also tower above the 6’4″ mark.

Who is the tallest actor today?

The tallest actor currently has a height of 6’8″. This title goes to Brad Garrett who played Ray Romano’s brother in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

Shortest celebrities

Several stars are below the average human height. Thanks to the magic of cameras, it might seem challenging to notice their diminutive statures.

Danny DeVito stands at 4’9″ with Martin Scorcese coming in at the height of 5’3″. Jada Pinkett-Smith, Kylie Minogue, and Hayden Panettiere are all 5 feet and below.

Celebrity height chart

There exists a considerable gap between the tallest and shortest Celebrity. The difference is almost 3 feet with the tallest being 6’8 and the shortest at 4’9″.

The heights are for those celebrities who have no known growth conditions, and their heights are all natural. Below is a sample chart that you can use to see how you compare with some of the celebrities in the world. (courtesy Celeb-Heights)


Height varies depending on nature and nurture. The food you eat, your living conditions, genes, all these play a factor in what your adult height will be. You can add natural testosterone boosters to help you increase your height. It is essential to appreciate what you have and be proud of.


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