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Quick Facts Of Madeleine Westerhout

NameMadeleine Elise Westerhout
Net worth$480,000
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1990
Place of BirthNewPort Beach, California
Height5 ft. 4 in. (163 cm)
Weight143 lbs. (65 kls.)
ResidenceWashington, D.C.
OccupationExecutive Assistant to the Presiden
Political PartyRepublican
Updated onSep 2019

Madeleine Westerhout Net Worth 2019: $480.000

Life, Family, Work

Westerhout is famous for being the first appointed executive assistant to the President in Donald Trump’s term.

She was Trump’s personal assistant from 2016 to August 2019 but was relieved from office because of allegations that she shared personal details of the Trump family including classified operations of the Office of the Oval Operations.

She was born in a Republican family in NewPort Beach, California but was raised with her sister Katherine Westerhout in Irvine, California. Information about her parents, relatives and nearest kin are not disclosed.

She started her political life in 2012 when she campaigned for and was part of the PR team of the presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 before graduating from BA Political Science from the College of Charleston in 2013 and worked in the Pure Barre Gym in Washington, D.C. owned by famous fitness coach Carrie Rezabek Dorr.

In 2015, she went full time into politics when she began working for the Republican National Committee.

Madeleine’s boyfriend

Madeleine Westerhout's boyfriend

Madeleine has a boyfriend, Ben Schramm. He is the current Director of Strategic Engagement at the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. The two have been dating for two years.

Money Sources

  • 2012 Mitt Romney PR Team (2012: $20,000/month)
    Pure Barre Gym (2013-2014: $30,000/month)
  • Republican National Committee PR Team (2015-early 2016: $40,000/month)
  • Executive Assistant to the President (2016-2018: $130,000/month)
  • Director of the office of Oval Operations (2019: $150, 000/month)

Net worth from 2010-2019

  • 2010:$190K
  • 2011:$210K
  • 2012:$280K
  • 2013:$320K
  • 2014:$320K
  • 2015:$348K
  • 2016:$355K
  • 2017:$390K
  • 2018:$420K
  • 2019:$480K

Success lessons from Madeleine Westerhout

1. It is important to live a well-balanced life.

In between her gigs as part of the PR team of Mitt Romney, she works full-time as a fitness instructor in a renowned gym in Washington. She also maintains an active social life with her constant posting on Instagram and Twitter.

2. You are fortunate if you know what you want at an early age.

Living in a Republican household shaped her leanings towards politics at a very early age. She knew she wanted to work in politics and serve the country at the age of eight and that is why she took up BA Political Science as her major in college. She has been in the political scene for long to know that you are indeed lucky if you already know what you want at an early age.

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