Michael Teutul Net Worth


Net Worth : 12 million dollars

Date of Birth :
November 26, 1978

Country of Citizenship :
United States

Michael Joseph Teutul also known as Mikey is the youngest son of Orange Country Chopers. With his family, he featured in the Discovery Channel’s series American Chopper and American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

Back in time when he was 14 years old Teutul started to work in his family company called “Orange County Iron Works”. He was employed like as an Assistant General Manager, but his obligations was involved with phones, taking out the trash, though on rare occasions he would assist with bike builds, at one point building his own.

After Paul Sr. fired Paul Jr. during a heated reason towards the end of the line, Michael tried to frisk the role of negotiator between his brother and male parent, encouraging them to try to operate out their issues. As revealed in Season 6 Episode 13, Mikey has now been squeezed out of the avocation. He was a greater and of the people part of the present to view and used to appear at promotional events for OCC. Michael has joined his brother, Paul Jr., and other former OCC employees in Paul Jr.’s column-OCC avocation hazard, Paul Jr. Designs.


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