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Net worth$2 million
NameMichael Santana
Date of BirthFebruary 22, 1992 (27 Years)
ProfessionProfessional Gamer, YouTuber and Twitch Streamer
Social mediaTwitter: @Iamqtpielol  Twitch:iamqtpie YouTube:Iamqtpie Instagram:Iamqtpielol


Santana was born in Margate, Florida to Cuban and Columbian parents. He is widely known for his gaming prowess in the online game League of Legends.

He has a very successful YouTube and Twitch channel. At only 27 years old, he has become an online sensation and has a massive following on Instagram as well.

Santana’s professional online gaming career started in 2011, where he was a member of Team Dignitas. While with them, he won several tournaments including the IGN ProLeague and the ProCurse invitational.

In 2014, he left to join Delta Fox with whom he won the North American Challenger Series. The team disbanded in 2017 following an unsuccessful run in competitions.

He officially retired from professional gaming later that year and focused more on streaming. He said that his decision to quit was about his desire to have fun rather than the pressures of competitions.

His name Imaqtpie is a corruption of the phrase I am cutie pie. Michael says it is a reference to his mother calling him cute when he was younger. Publicly, Michael is famous for his laid back dressing style. He is often seen wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt.

Personal Life

Michael married his longtime girlfriend, Lisha Wei in July of 2018. Lisha is also a professional gamer and from time to time can be seen showcasing her talents under the name Owolisha.

The couple currently live in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is an avid pet lover and owns two cats and a dog.

Imaqtpie’s Net Worth: $2 million

Michael is currently worth $2 million. Most of his money has come from his gaming career and streaming platforms. He has made over $32,000 over his seven-year pro gaming career.

He also makes sizable amounts from his Twitch account, where he has over 2.6 million subscribers. He charges a subscription fee of $2.5 and also receives donations to his channel.

On YouTube, he has slightly under 2 million subscribers and makes a yearly income of $174,000. The total number of views to date are 611 million on his uploads.

Michael also runs an Instagram channel where he regularly updates his followers on his daily exploits and gives a sneak peek of his lifestyle.

He earns around $900 for each sponsored post on his handle. He also makes extra revenue from brand endorsements and sponsorship from companies such as Sennheiser and NZXT.

Streaming sites offer a subscription model with each subscription priced at $5. This amount is split 50:50 between the service and the subscriber. Popular channels get on average 7000 subscriptions monthly, which translates to about $2 million a year for the channel owner.


Michael is not afraid to flaunt his wealth and can be seen showing his assets all over the internet. He owns a brand new Ford Mustang as per his latest Instagram post.


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