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Quick Facts of Roger Federer

Net Worth$450 Million
NameRoger Federer
AgeAugust 8, 1981 (Age 38)
Career titles102
Height1.85m (6ft 1in)
Popular EndorsementsRolex, Mercedes-Benz, Lindt and Uniqlo

Roger Federer’s Net Worth: $450 million


Roger Federer was a swiss-born and a professional tennis player. Son of Robert Federer and Lynette Federer. He is married to Miroslava Federer (former Tennis Player) Won 20 Grand Slam titles, the most in history by a male tennis player.

He also has a record for holding No.1 position for most of the time (310 weeks). Profession Player, father of 4 children and a philanthropist.

Currently, he is in 3rd spot in the world tennis ranking in men’s singles as per Association of Tennis Professionals(ATP).

Early Life

At the age of 8, Federer joined Basel Junior Tennis program. After meeting Peter Carter, he was nurtured in improving his game in the right direction and set the stage to become a professional tennis player.

He then topped the world junior rankings becoming No.1 player ITF player in the world. He has become the youngest member to join the top 100 ATP stop.


Roger Federer won 8 Wimbledon titles, 6 Australian Open titles, 5 US Open titles and one French title. He is one among the 8 players to win Career Grand Slam.

He is the only player after Jimmy Connors to win 100+ career single titles. He is known as maker and breaker of all records and is also one of the highest-earning athletes in all divisions.

Marital Status

In 2009, Federer married Miroslava, a previous expert tennis player.


  • Received Sportsmanship Award 13 times
  • ATP Player of the Year
  • ITF Champion five times
  • Laureus World Sportsman of the year 5 times
  • BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the year 4 times

Philanthropic activities:

Federer is known for his genericity and is evident from his philanthropic activities majorly in South Africa and Switzerland. Most of the charity work goes for children’s education and meeting their needs apart from the health sector.

Not just that, his foundation has raised more than $40Million from across and educated millions of children in Africa.
While he lives a private life, London School named him the world’s most marketable athlete in the year 2016.

Charity foundations founded by Federer are –

  • Elton John AIDS Foundation,
  • Humpty Dumpty Foundation,
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation,
  • Mines Advisory Group,
  • Roger Federer Foundation and Small Steps Project.

Financial Aspect:

Till 2019, his total earnings as a professional tennis player is $124Million apart from his endorsements.

Career Earnings:

  • 2010 – $7.7 Million
  • 2011 -$6.4 Million
  • 2012 – $ 8.5Million
  • 2013 – $2.4Million
  • 2014 – $9.3Million
  • 2015 – $5Million
  • 2016 – $1.5Million
  • 2017 – $6Million
  • 2018 – $8.6Million

Earnings through endorsements and others:

  • $86Million from partners – Credit Suisse, Mercedes – Benz and Rolex
  • $300Million – Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo (10 Years deal)

What does Net Worth Mean?

What is a Net Worth?

It is a quantitative concept which measures the value of an entity. It is applicable ranging from an individual to companies, organizations, sectors and a country as a whole. To put it simply, it is the difference between assets and liabilities. A positive net worth means assets are greater than liabilities, whereas negative net worth mean liabilities are greater than assets.


Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities

A little more into Net Worth Concept:

Net worth conveys the financial health of any entity. Asset is anything that is owned and has a monetary value to it while liabilities is a commitment that deplete resources. Assets can be liquid or which can turn into liquid ( example: bank check ). They are non-liquid when they take time to turn into cash (like for example Home). Whereas liability is an obligation that has to be repaid ( example: home loan, car loan etc.,)

Any financial institution or 3rd party look at your assets and liabilities to understand the financial position. Positive net worth or increasing asset base indicates good financial health while negative net worth or increasing liabilities means a bad financial health condition.

It is always a good habit for any entity to maintain a reduce liabilities and increase or maintain a balanced asset base.

What does a Net Worth Mean to a person?

In simple terms, it means the value that is left after subtracting liabilities from assets. Few Examples of liabilities include car loans, student loans, home loans, credit card bills, and other mortgages etc., whereas an individual’s assets are amount in the savings account, home, vehicle, bonds, stocks and other material that has value.

In other words, whatever is left after paying off all the personal debt from asset base is net worth. It is important to understand that value of net worth varies as per the market value of assets and current debt costs.

For example:

Consider a case of Ramu Johnson. His assets include a house valued at $350000, shares worth $150000 and a car worth $35000. His liabilities include a mortgage balance of
$150000 and an outstanding car loan $15000 to be paid.

Now Ramu Johnson’s Net Worth = ($350000+$150000+$35000) – ($150000+$15000)
= ($535000 ) – ($165000)
= $370000

Assuming Ramu Johnson’s financial position after five years as follows –
House value at $350000, Shares value at $180000, savings $ 40000 and car value $25000. While mortgage loan $120000, car loan $0 (paid off).

The Net worth after 5 years would = ($350000+$180000+$ 40000 + $25000 ) – ($120000)
= $595000 – $120000
= $475000

Here it is understood that, although the fact that the value of a house and car decrease, the net worth have increased to $475000. It is because a decline in house loan is less than the overall asset base and decrease in liabilities.

Note that, an individual’s net worth can be negative if his asset base is less than liabilities.

What does net worth mean for celebrities?

Most often celebrities fall under High Net worth Individuals. And what does HNWI mean?

People with considerable net worth as called as HNWI.

Independent Charted Accounts, wealth managers and investment counsellors stay close to them making them as prime markets.

As per Securities and Exchange Commission( SEC), investors more than 1Million are considered as accredited investors to invite them to invest in unrequested securities.

Is 401k part of net worth?

As per the definition, 401K is also a part of net worth if it is calculated in terms of assets and liabilities. But, in this case, 401K have no specifics as in, therefore it cannot be measured.

What is the average American net worth?

Like any entities net worth a countries net worth can be calculated as below. It is a sum of net worth of all individuals (citizens), companies and organizations reside in America, plus countries net worth. In America, this measure is referred to as financial position.

As on quarter 1 2014, America’s financial position =
Assets ( $269.6 trillion) – liabilities ($145.8 trillion ) = $123.8 trillion.

What is a good net worth by age?

Age of HouseholdMedian Net Worth
Under 35 years$6,900
35 to 44 years$45,740
45 to 54 years$100,404
55 – 64 years$164,498
65 – 69 years$193,833
70 – 74 years$225,390
65 – 75 Years$202,950
75 + Years$197,758

What is the net worth of the top 1%, 5%, 10%?

As in America, wealth distribution is as follows
Richest 1% of the population owned 35% of the country’s total wealth
Richest 5% of the population owned 11% of the country’s total wealth
Richest 10% of the population owned 12% of the country’s total wealth

Partnerships and Endorsements:

Tie-ups with major companies like Japanese clothing company Uniqlo, Swiss companies like Nationale Suisse, Credit Suisse, Rolex, Lindt, Sunrise and Jura Elektroapparate.

Endorsements such as Wilson(tennis Equipment Manufacturer), Mercedes-Benz (Motor sporting and car selling giant), Gillette, Barilla, Moet & Chandon, Nike, NetJets, Emmi AG and Maurice Lacroix.

It is interesting to note that, Federer always stood ahead of his contemporary athletes in getting paid highest in off-court.

3 Success lessons from Roger Federer:

  1. Federer once admitted that one should have fire and desire to win but at the same time should have coolness to absorb the losses and mistakes.
  2. No screaming, toss balls out of court out of anxiety after winning a match have become diluted within me.
  3. After the demise of his coach Peter Lundgren, instead of falling back realized that he has not lived up to the expectations of his coach and worked hard on and off the court to become World No.1 player and win career grand slam title.

Roger Federer's net worth, wiki, wife, family, children



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