Rob Base Net Worth 2019: How Much is the Rapper Worth?

Rob Base Net Worth 2019

Rob Base is an American rapper best known as one part of hip-hop duo “Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock”. As of 2019, Rob Base net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Robert Ginyard aka Rob Base was born on May 18, 1967, in Harlem, New York. Together with DJ E-Z Rock, they formed a hip-hop duo in 1985. Most of their success came in the late 1980s.

The hip-hop duo started their career signing recording contract with Profile Records in 1987. They were assisted by their long-time friend David Wynn. David produced three songs on their debut album and five songs on their sophomore album.

Their first project was the release of the album “It Takes Two”. It uses multiple samples from the James Brown and Lyn Collins 1972 song “Think (About It)”. It went on to become a regional hit and reached the Billboard Hot 100. In addition to that song picked up a multi-platinum single certification. The song also peaked at No. 3 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s next single “Joy and Pain” was also successful at that time. It hit the top 10 on the dance chart and climbed #58 on the Hot 100. His friend David Wynn who produced a track titled “Get On the Dance Floor” hit No. 1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1989.

With the success of their singles from their first album, “It Takes Two” went platinum seven times over. However, their success didn’t last much as DJ E-Z Rock was forced to leave the group due to his own personal reasons. Rob decided to be a solo artist.

In 1989, he released his debut solo album titled “The Incredible Base”. The album wasn’t that much hit. However, one song titled “Turn It Out” from the album turned out to hit the dance chart.

Regarding Rob’s personal life he had a wife named April. They remained together until she died on September 2013. Meanwhile, DJ E-Z Rock died on April 27, 2014, after suffering a diabetic seizure at the age of 46.

Rob Base Net Worth 2019: $1.5 million


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