Vanessa Rider Wiki: Everything about Isaiah Rider’s Wife

Vanessa Rider

Vanessa Ryder is the wife of former NBA player Isaiah Rider. The duo currently lives in the Phoenix area along with three children.

Isaiah Rider started his NBA career in 1993 after he was chosen with a 5th overall pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He finished his debut season as a member of NBA’s All-Rookie First Team. The same year, he also won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Isaiah played with Portland Trail Blazers and Atlanta Hawks before making his move to Los Angeles Lakers. He played total 67 games with the Lakers during 2000/01 season averaging 7.5 points per games. He then went on to play for Denver Nuggets before retiring in 2001. In his 563 total games, he averaged 16.7 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 31:42 of floor time per game.

Isaiah Rider’s Wife- Vanessa Rider

Unfortunately, very little information is available about Vanessa Rider. What we know is that they dated during Isaiah brief stint with Lakers. After dating for a couple of years, they decided to get married and have three children together.

In 2008, Isaiah was arrested for domestic violence as he forced a former girlfriend into a car and drove off with her, eventually crashing that car into a deputy’s police car when confronted. We still don’t know whether that girlfriend was actually Vanessa Rider.

Recently, during a youth basketball tournament, Isaiah’s wife Vanessa got into a fight with another woman. The incident took place during an event at Mesa, Arizona, where Rider was coaching his SkyRiders basketball team.

According to the other woman, Vanessa got mad because the SkyRiders lost to a team that her son was on and that Vanessa called her “bi***”, she tried to hit her. According to the police, Isaiah allegedly threatened to get his gun from his car.

The woman claims Isaiah left the building but never came back with his gun.


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