Arianna Bolden Wiki: Everything about Brandon Bolden’s Wife

Arianna Bolden

Arianna Bolden is the lovely wife of NFL player Brandon Bolden, the running back for the New England Patriots.

Early Life

Arianna graduated from high school in the national honor society in 2008. She actually met Bolden during high school and it was here that their love story would start to unfold as Bolden grew into a good running back through high school. Their story in high school can be said to be like a typical high school movie.

Arianna Bolden Career

Arianna is quite busy doing housework and looking after their children as the major responsibility. However, that hasn’t stopped Arianna to keep herself occupied in fulfilling activities.

She has updated on Instagram about how she is involved with elementary schools on field trips to various places. She has posted multiple pictures on different occasions where she has been seen to be chaperoning the class.

The more she has got engaged in such activities, the more she sparked interest in teaching and recently even shared a “lesson plan” for children with a variety of elementary style lessons and vocabulary.

Arianna Bolden and Brandon Bolden

Bolden and Arianna got married in 2014. The two have a son named Brycen, born on May 2, 2011; and little princess Axelle Masai in March 2017. They also have a dog named Hulk together.

The two are like love birds and to signify that, even have special tattoos. She has a special tattoo on one of her fingers that is a “Q” with a heart, and Brandon has a “K” with a heart.

Net Worth          

Her net worth is unknown. However, her husband Brandon Bolden net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


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