The Top Five Boxers to Have Ever Lived


Boxing is a sport of skill, finesses, determination, and heart. While countless personalities have entered into the ring over the years, there are a handful of individuals who have taken this sport to an entirely new level.

These names will forever echo in the annals of boxing history and even though some may no longer be with us, their legacy continues to inspire the younger generation.

Let us therefore take a quick look at five of the most legendary boxers who have ever lived and examine what unique characteristics have made each one great.


Mike Tyson

Boxing fans should not be surprised that Iron Mike Tyson has made this list. Known for his ferocious speed as well as his intimidating demeanour while in the ring, few other boxers were ever willing to fight toe-to-toe with this incredible man.

Indeed, many would have been safer remaining at home and playing the online games offered at However, you might not be aware that Mike Tyson was also the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of the sport.

This monster enjoyed no fewer than 37 consecutive victories before finally being unseated by Buster Douglas in 1990. Although Tyson is now ageing, the fact of the matter is that he is still quite strong. This is why it will be interesting to see how long he remains active within the sport.

Joe Lewis


Joe Lewis is another name which is known by millions of boxing fans. Not only was Lewis the heavyweight champion of the world for an incredible 140 months, but he successfully defended his title 25 times during this reign.

To put these figures into perspective, Lewis ended his career with a record of 65 wins and three losses. 51 of his wins came as the result of a knockout.

Joe Lewis is also very famous for defeating Max Schmeling in the first round (a German boxer who was one of the few to ever beat Lewis during a previous match). Despite racial tensions at the time, Lewis and Schmeling remained friends long after their careers had ended.

Rocky Marciano

Often touted as an inspiration for the Rocky film franchise, Rocky Marciano is another boxing great. There is no doubt that the most notable feature regarding his career is the fact that it is still the only boxer to have never been defeated while in the ring.

He eventually walked away with a record of 49 wins and no losses. Furthermore, an astounding 43 of these wins came in the form of a knockout.

It should also be mentioned that Rocky Marciano defeated Joe Lewis in what would prove to be Lewis’ final fight before retiring. Marciano was likewise famous for beating Archie Moore in 1955.

He is said to have considered making a comeback in 1959. However, this never came to pass. Marciano currently enjoys a well-deserved place within the boxing hall of fame.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Boxing and Sugar Ray Robinson have always enjoyed a hand-in-hand relationship. Robinson was incredibly nimble in the ring (hence his nickname) and he was known for knocking his opponents out in the first round (40 throughout his career).

As an amateur, his record stood at 85 wins and zero losses. 69 of his wins were caused by early knockouts. When he eventually turned professional in 1940, Robinson was only 19 years old. He still managed to accumulate a record of 128 wins by 1951.

He only lost one bout and an additional two were judged as draws. During this time, he also knocked out an additional 84 opponents. Sugar Ray held on to the welterweight title from 1946 until 1951 and he went on to walk away with the middleweight title in 1952 (the same year as his retirement). However, Robinson would return in 1955 to once again capture the middleweight championship.

Muhammed Ali

Of course, Muhammed Ali still takes first place in terms of the greatest boxer of all time. Not only was his personality able to defeat many opponents before they entered the ring, but Ali was and is arguably the most talented boxer to ever have lived.

After winning the gold medal during the 1960 Olympic Games, he would go on to fight (and beat) well-known names such as Joe Frazier and George Foreman. His record stands at 56 wins and 5 losses (37 wins from knockouts).

However, we also need to remember that Muhammed Ali was pivotal in publicising boxing to the general public thanks to his well-spoken manner and decidedly engaging personality.

These are five of the most amazing boxers to have ever graced the ring. As a new generation begins to emerge, we are forced to wonder what the future may have in store for us all.



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