Jay Sekulow Net Worth: How Rich is Counsel Sekulow Actually?

Jay Sekulow Net Worth

Jay Sekulow is an American counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice. He was named as a part of the counsel team to represent Donald Trump in the impeachment case in the United States Senate. As of 2020, Jay Sekulow net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Born on June 10, 1956, in Brooklyn, New York, Sekulow went to Lakeside High School where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977. He then received his J.D. from Mercer University in 1980. Sekulow earned his Ph.D. from Regent University in 2005, writing a dissertation on religious influence on Supreme Court Justices and their opinions.

After graduating from Regent University, he worked at the IRS as a prosecutor with the tax litigation division. In 1998, he founded the non-profit organization group Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism. He then became the director of ACLJ, where he was chief counsel and principal officer in 2018. Sekulow is now the half-owner of the corporation Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group, which was founded in 2003.

In addition to that, Sekulow has also built a media empire over a thirty-year period by representing conservative, religious, and pro-life groups. His radio program Jay Sekulow Live! Broadcast on terrestrial radio, and XM and Sirius satellite radios. He also hosts ACLJ This Week, weekly television news program broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar.

Sekulow who is Republican and a frequent supporter of President Donald Trump is also a frequent guest commentator on the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Fox News Channel.

In addition to being an attorney and media star, Sekulow has also written several books to his name including “From Intimidation to Victory”, “And Nothing But the Truth”, “Christian Rights in the Workplace, The American Center for Law and Justice”, “Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore”, “Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital”.

Recently, he was named as a part of the counsel team that will represent Donald Trump in the impeachment case in the United States Senate.

Regarding his personal life, Sekulow is married to Pamela McPherson. They got married in 1978 and have two adult sons named Jordan and Logan. Jordan is an attorney with the ACLJ while Logan is an actor who briefly starred in the Nickelodeon series U-Pick Live in 2005.

Jay Sekulow Net Worth: $10 million


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