Hiriam Hicks Net Worth: How Rich is Hiriam Hicks Actually?

Hiriam Hicks Net Worth

Hiriam Hicks is an American businessman best known to the world as the husband of famous television star Pooh Hicks. He was the former president of Island Black Music. As of 2019, Hiriam Hicks net worth is $10 million.

Hiriam was born on December 1, 1960, which makes him currently 59 years old. He was born in Alpharetta, Georgia. As a former president and CEO of Island Black Magic, now known as Island Records, Hiriam has signed more than 30 top artists in R&B. He helped to build the careers of Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition, and TLC.

However, his success is followed by some sort of controversy. In 2017, R&B artist Stephanie Mills ended her business relationship with him after the two had problems on financial dealings. Stephanie told NY Daily News “I decided to come forward to share this because I want to empower other artists to pay attention to their business affairs”. However, Hiriam denied those statements telling “Your Information is incorrect, Ms. Mills and I have an ongoing working relationship”.

His wife Pooh Hicks is a cast member on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”. She has been on the show since season eight. Meanwhile, Hiriam is also seen sometimes on the show supporting his wife. Pooh is known for creating drama on the show. In one episode, she had an explosive confrontation with Karlie Redd. It was reported that Karlie Redd had an intimate relationship with Pooh Hicks and her husband Hiriam. She posted a photo on her Instagram page and warned Pooh that more was on the way.

Pooh meanwhile reminded Karlie that she used to participate in threesomes with her husband, Hiriam Hicks. In a one-on-one interview, she said: “Me and my husband is sexually adventurous together, and Karlie you know you done explore with us plenty of times”.

Karlie didn’t stop either. She later went to Instagram and posted “My next pic will be you and your husband snorting coke. You and your husband steal money from Artists! Y’all stole Money from Stephanie Mills and Many more!”

Hiriam Hicks Net Worth: $10 million


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