Amir Johnson Net Worth- Salary, Earnings & Contract

Amir Johnson Net Worth

Who is Amir Johnson?

Amir Jalla Johnson is an American professional basketball player who is currently playing for the team named Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA.

Early Life

Johnson was born on May 1, 1987, in Los Angeles. Unlike many of the players that eventually turned professional, Johnson found it very hard to even find a place in the high school basketball team.

His body was actually made for basketball and built that way but for one reason or the other, he just couldn’t get in. Later on, he studied at Verbum Dei High School and that would be the place where he would find some ground playing a lot more regularly and growing as a player. Eventually, he progressed a lot and won the award for the 2005 California Mr. Basketball. Winning such an accolade was a big thing for him at the time and led to him getting several opportunities in future days.


Johnson was at a crossroads after high school as at one time, he had made up his mind to represent the University of Louisville, yet later he made the bold move to skip the college process and directly apply for the NBA draft. This decision paid off as in the 2005 NBA draft, he was selected by the Detroit Pistons making him the last direct selection from a high school player.

Johnson had a pretty good time with the Pistons which is why he agreed to a three-year, $12 million contract with them on July 12, 2007. The investment paid off big time for the Pistons as Johnson was very impressive playing a total of 124 games in total for them.

He would later play for the Toronto Raptors on July 8, 2010, who signed a huge five-year deal worth $34 million elevating him to superstar status. His time at the Raptors was also very fruitful.

He then came to signing with the Boston Celtics for a new chapter of his life with a deal worth $12 million every year for two years. As of right now, Johnson is signed with the Philadelphia 76ers since mid- 2017. He has been a solid player which has been shown with him being the winner of the NBA Hustle Award in 2018. Soon after this, he would resign for the team and is currently enjoying a pretty solid season.

Amir Johnson Height and Weight

The Power Forward for the Philadelphia 76ers stands to be 6 feet 9 inch or 2.06 m tall. Meanwhile, he weighs around 110 kg or 242 pounds.

Amir Johnson Net Worth- Salary, Earnings

Amir Johnson Earnings for the past five years

YearTeamTotal Earnings
2014-15Toronto Raptors$7,000,000
2015-16Boston Celtics$12,000,000
2016-17Boston Celtics$12,000,000
2017-18Philadelphia 76ers$11,000,000
2018-19Philadelphia 76ers$2,393,887


He has earned more than $78,383,687 during his 14 seasons at NBA. Amir Johnson net worth is estimated to be well over $25 million. His salary for 2018 alone was a massive $11 million.

He has been a part of many multi-million dollar deals throughout his career with him boasting of a salary well over $11 million in the last 3 years.

Personal Life

Johnson has athletics in his blood as several of his siblings are a part of sports such as basketball itself. He also has a big heart as he loves being involved in selfless service with his community work being seen visiting local hospitals and paying for low-income youth to attend games.


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