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Sarah Grace Kustok is an American sports reporter currently providing her services to YES Network and Fox Sports.

Early Life

Kustok was born on born December 17, 1981 in Orland Park, Illinois. While growing up, she was very much induldged in sports where her focus was on volleyball and basketball.

After she joined DePaul University also, she was busy playing in the Blue Demons women’s basketball team as her ability got her a basketball scholarship there.


After her bachelor’s, she had a phase of confusion about what next to do in life and as a result she decided to take on the school’s Corporate Multicultural Communication Master’s program. It was here that she got introduced to broadcasting. She eventually got associated with ESPN and would start in entry level jobs in the TV business.

Eventually, she started to get to know the details about the industry and as a result would become more and more interested in the industry. With her dedication and the opportunities that started to flow to her, more and more accumulative advantage would come to her that led to be a part of the New York’s YES Network.

By this time, she had already had a wealth of knowledge about basketball as well as had had people skills which were a gem at the time. This would separate her from others and would help her build great networks and relationships.

In 2017, she got promoted to TV analyst which made her the NBA’s first ever female solo analyst. She is also a contributor to Nets Magazine. She also worked as a TV sideline reporter for the Chicago BullsBlackhawksCubsWhite Sox and Fire for Comcast SportsNet Chicago. In addition to this, she has previously also been a host for College Sports Minute and associated with WFLA-TV in the past. Now that she has been able to enter here, she says that one of her career goals is to normalize women in this field and have more and more feminine power here.

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth close to $1 million. She is the first woman sports analyst so at the beginning of her career, her salary were not very high.

Yet, over the years, she has gotten familiarity and has been able to substancially her income. At the same time, she has also paved the way for other women to enter the industry.

Personal Life

Kustok is an open book when she discusses about her professional life and things associated with it. However, when it comes to her personal life, she is picky about what she discloses.

The horrible murder of her mother named Anita “Jeanie” Kustok could be the reason. Her father Allan Kustok was convicted of the murder and is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence. Sarah had testified in court maintaining her father’s innocence.

Yet, some information is present about her personal life. She loves to do hip-hop yoga and prefers to go running on the weekends to catch up with her friends.

Sarah Kustok net worth


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