Tanner Sterback Net Worth: How Rich is the Below Deck Star?

Tanner Sterback Net Worth

Tanner Sterback is a cast member of the reality television show called Below Deck which follows the lives of crew members who work aboard in luxury yachts. He has been part of the show since season 7. Tanner Sterback net worth at the moment is estimated to be $800,000.

Sterback grew up in Long Island and always loved to be around water. Having such an environment growing up, he was influenced to live a more carefree life since he loved to do surfing. He studied at SUNY Plattsburgh.

During his time in college, Sterback was very active in sports. Specifically, he was a big lover of the sport called lacrosse and played as a defensive player for his college team. Moreover, he even was the coach for a junior varsity team in California. That is the reason for his athletic body since even in high school, he used to play sports like basketball and football a lot.

Before his career, in yachting, Sterback had even done some work as an actor and model. This was during his days living in California. He did it for fun and even gained experience of speaking some new accents as an active actor.

Moreover, he has even worked as a lifeguard at the Coppola Winery. But, eventually, Sterback decided to focus his attention on working on a yacht. There was influence from his family for this since his among his siblings, his older brother named Chris was also doing the same. He went to take the necessary certification classes in Ft. Lauderdale.

Fans have come to love Sterback’s way of living as he loves to travel and seek adventures. He once even traveled across the United States on a van alongside his dog, whom he loves a lot. Moreover, he is among the crew members who love to party. Such advantages is one of the reasons that he was part of the crew in the first place. He has become a popular character in the Below Deck show because of this and the different flings that he has had.

Tanner Sterback Net Worth: $800,000


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