Simone Mashile Net Worth: How Rich is the Below Deck Star?

Simone Mashile Net Worth

Simone Mashile is the second stewardess as well as a cast member of the reality show on Bravo TV called Below Deck which shows the behind the scenes life of those working in luxury yachts. As of 2020, Simone Mashile net worth is estimated to be $600,000.

Mashile grew up in South Africa in its capital city named Johannesburg at a time when there were political turmoils going around in the country. Moreover, she was raised by a single mother and so it so not very easy to make ends meet. This made her a strong woman and gave her a good work ethic from a young age.

Her family has a background of people who have done excellently in academics and she too had followed the same steps. Through her hard work, she was able to receive scholarships for both her high school as well as her college. She chose to study the subject of Mathematics and graduated with great performance.

During her college days, she was also modeling as a side job. Yet, she started to do office work once she graduated and was making a good living too. However, there was a feeling of dissatisfaction from the monotonous life in the office and so she started to contemplate if this was what she really wanted to do.

The answer she came up with was No, and so she started to leave South Africa for other opportunities. Through a friend, she became acquainted with yachting and started to work as a stewardess as well as a sous chef. She says that this job is a lot more satisfying to her as it aligns more with her personal approach to life where wants more freedom. She is still learning on the boat as she comes from a different background.

Being a former model, Mashile has a love for fitness and works out daily. Moreover, she has also recognized the importance of mental health and so is a big advocate for Mindfulness doing activities such as Yoga and Meditation.

Simone Mashile Net Worth: $600,000


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