Top Shredded Athletes Who Could Double as Bodybuilders


Athletes have a goal of increasing their strength and endurance. But rarely do they focus on getting ripped like weightlifting champions. However, after thorough workouts, appropriate diet, and supplements, many of them build more lean muscles that everyone admires.

In the sports world, there are many such athletes, and people have always admired them. They could take the direction of bodybuilding and just dominate. Let us go through the list of the top shredded athletes and the secrets behind their success in getting ripped.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Most, if not all, know The Rock as an electrifying entertainer and former wrestler. As time goes by, his dedication to workouts seems to pay off more and more.

A decade ago, he had fewer muscles than today. Truly, The Rock could dominate the bodybuilding sector although he has not shown any interest in joining. Currently, he has an Instagram page on fitness with a huge number of followers. Many of them are curious to know his workout routine and emulate it.

Adrian Wilson

He is a former American football player, who is currently working as an executive coach. It is common knowledge that football players are shredded since they take training and diet very seriously.

Adrian Wilson is one of the most ripped athletes in the history of American football. When he was a player for the Arizona Cardinals, his defense power was incredible. Even as a retired player, he still values his workout sessions and diet.

LeBron James

As a basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers, he always exposes much of his body, and his muscles are admired by many.

The secret behind the shredded muscles is eating a well-planned diet and sticking to his workout schedule without fail. According to many bodybuilders and customers of MusclesFax, a website that sells legit steroids, LeBron James could fit in very well as a weightlifter. Apart from strong and ripped muscles, he has the benefit of height.

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

By looking at him, you can hardly conclude that he competes in races. Harry is a British athlete who competes in sprinting races. He is incredibly ripped, and people like taking selfies with him while he is shirtless. He has attributed his success to serious workouts just as many others like him. He spends a lot of time at the gym or engaging in outdoor workout activities.

Sydney Leroux

While men are the popular soccer players, women are rarely recognized unless they are exceptional. Sydney Leroux is one such woman who has wowed the entire world with her soccer prowess and also showed that women can have shredded muscles as well. According to her, hard work and determination are key. Women need to work out more than men to get ripped. She has gone this extra mile and now has successfully achieved her goals.


All these athletes have one thing in common; they are obsessed with workouts. Actually, this is the only way to get incredibly ripped. After all, they are in sports as a career rather than part-time, and exercise is a crucial part of it.


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