Mike Trout Net Worth And Stats: Everything You Need To Know


Who is Mike Trout?

Michael Nelson Trout from Vineland, New Jersey is a centerfielder Foer the Los Angeles Angels and is considered one of the best all-round sports players in the 21st Century. With a large fan base and a number of games under his belt, he is by far one of the most popular players out on the field at the moment.

Mike Trout Career

At the beginning of his career, Mike Trout was part of the Millville high school baseball team. During his time in this team, it was clear that Mike Trout had a vast amount of skill and untapped potential. It was this raw talent that led to him to becoming the 25th overall selection for the 2009 MLB draft.

During the beginning of his career at the Los Angeles Angels, he spent a short time in the minor leagues and found much success. He was also given several awards within the minor leagues for his outstanding performance as a player. It is this raw talent and success that saw him quickly transition into the major leagues.

As a rookie, he joined the major league in 2012 and had an outstanding rookie season. With huge success with defence as well as at-bats, he was the perfect all-rounder for the team. During this rookie season, he was favoured by many of those taking bets on the MLB to be MVP. Despite this coveted nomination and the support from his fans, he lost out to Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. However, he did go on to win the award for the rookie of the year in the season making him beloved by many and seen as one of the best players in the league.

During this time of success, many wondered whether it would be possible for Trout to replicate this success. It was. With a hugely successful second season at the team, he continued to showcase his outstanding skillset. With a .432 on-base percentage and a total of 110 bases on balls, he successfully led the American League (AL) for another season. With a solid team around him and the ability to give 100% at all times, there was no stopping this star.

It was his ability as an allrounder player and ability to command a game that eventually saw him be voted MVP of the league ahead of all the competition. In the same year, he also succeeded in taking the Angels to the postseason for the first time on his career. 2015 was much the same for the star winning the MVP title for a second consecutive year. As a result, he became the only [layer in the 82-year history of the game to achieve this. The next few years were still successful for the player reaching a total of 41 home runs in a single season.

However, in 2017 this all changed. The star missed a total of 39 games this year as a result of a torn thumb ligament. However, upon his return, he continued to show both his teammates and the fans why he was one of the best all-around baseball players in the league. Following his return to the sport, he continued to lead his team to victory with a huge amount of success for his own personal records.

Because of this huge amount of success for the team, Trout secured a 12-year extension with the team in 2019 seeing him playing with them for the majority of his career. This was a record-breaking signing with the Angels that has allowed him to keep wowing crowds in the MLB alongside many of his all-star teammates.

Mike Trout Net Worth, Salary And Earnings

Mike Trout Earnings For The Next 8 Years Following The Signing:

YearSalarySigning BonusTotal Earnings


With a 12-year contract and a paycheck like this at the end of every season, it is clear to see why this player is so happy in the team that he is currently playing for. The signing of this new deal with The Los Angeles Angels now sees Mike Trout’s total net worth at a total of $45 million as of Mid-Season 2019.


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