Eric Butterbean Net Worth- How Much is the Boxer Worth?

Eric Butterbean Net Worth

Eric Scott Esch, who is well known by his nickname Butterbean is a former American professional boxer, and professional wrestler. Later on, he also became known as a television personality showing his dynamic attitude.

Early Life

Eric was born on August 3, 1966, in Atlanta, Georgia. Eric came from a humble background with his mother passing away when he was only eight years old. He was also bullied on a frequent level because of his overweight body.

As he grew older, he started to work for a Southern Energy Homes plant in Alabama. There, his friends had made him a dare to compete in a local Toughman Contest. He would win this tournament and that would be the start of him entering the industry.


Toughman Contest would be the place where he would make a name of himself in the 1990s becoming a five-time World Toughman Heavyweight Champion. He had a very impressive record of 56-5 with 36 of them being through knockouts. One factor that propelled this career was the popularity he gained in a short amount of time.

He was nicknamed as “Butterbean” once he had to go on a diet to meet the boxing house rules. His professional debut happened in 1994 with a win over Tim Daniels. Then on, he was able to brand himself as “King of the 4 Rounders”.He once mentioned in an interview when he said he got a bit lucky since his second fight got featured on TV. That doesn’t happen often.

That led to a virtuous cycle that enabled him to be televised several times. It can be said that he did left a legacy behind there as he was able to gain a big streak of 51 consecutive wins. Sadly, this streak would eventually come to an end in a fight in 2001 against heavyweight Billy Zumbrun.

Because of his rise in popularity, he has even been able to have appearances in the World Wrestling Federation professional wrestling events on two specific occasions. This platform was one of the most popular ones at the time. His career since then wasn’t as impressive as in the past but he did carry on for some more time.

He has also been able to feature in the reality television documentary called Big Law: Deputy Butterbean, Chairman of the Board as well as in the film called Jackass: The Movie. He is also known as a television personality with appearances in Squidbillies, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, and Friends of the People. He is also featured as the main final boss character in the EA sports game called Toughman Contest that was released in 1995.

Eric Butterbean Net Worth

Eric Butterbean net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand. He seems to live a very simple life in contrast to the type of persona that he has developed, yet his life seems to be lived in a simple way.

Personal Life

Eric is a husband as well as a father to three kids named Brandon, Caleb, and Grace.


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