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Sam Andrews

Sam Andrews is a social media influencer and a sketch POV creator who is best known for his videos on TikTok where he has received more than 80 million likes. He currently has a following of over 2.2 million on TikTok which is because of his creative videos.



Andrews was born on October 23, 2001, in the United States. He is of South African descent. He is still pursuing his high school studies and is busy with his studies besides the creation of videos that he is so passionate about. In his high school days, he has been a very active soccer player and is part of the school team too. Moreover, Andrews also loves beaches and surfing.

He also brought something unique to TikTok with his POV videos. The most popular has been his “Emily Series” where he has conversations with a fictional character that he created called Emily. He has an entire series of videos made for this character. This made him a viral sensation as many people started to get curious if there was a real “Emily”.

But, Andrews soon brought people to reality by mentioning that he was the creator of the character which other creators were also starting to create similar videos about. He even had a merchandise line of hoodies which had the tagline of “I am the real Emily”.

He has been uploading videos on Youtube for over 3 years now and with his TikTok popularity increasing, it has helped to bring in more followers on Youtube as well. Sam currently has over 115k subscribers on Youtube already. He has documented his Euro trip with friends along with several fun videos as well as filmography too.

His acting ability has been seen through such videos and he has even mentioned that he might think about heading towards the film industry as well which he mentioned in an interview. Andrews is also a user of Cameo where he creates short videos for his fans.

Sam Andrews Height and Weight


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Does he have a Girlfriend?

Sam hasn’t publicly given a hint of dating a girl. He might be currently focused on building his social media career and at the moment we can say that he is probably single.


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