Guide On Writing An Essay Based On The Athlete Biography


An athlete’s biography will give details beyond the career life of the athlete. Still, it will also dig deep in their life history down to where they started and how they received inspiration into athletic life and must be portrayed positively.

If you get an assignment to write an essay on an athlete biography, there are important steps to follow for your essay to be effective, readable, and understandable. Good research is part of the process so start by reading about the athlete.

Decide who is your essay about

There many athletes from around the world and deciding who to write about can be a challenging task. If your assignment is tagged to a specific athlete, stick within that topic but if you have an open assignment, there will be decisions to be made.

Start by deciding who you want to write about in your essay. You could get an easier time if you choose an athlete you know well or one that you are fun to make your essay writing journey easy and enjoyable. If you face problems at this point, it’s almost sure that the entire process will become difficult and you will not get the results you are looking forward to.

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Write a descriptive draft about the athlete

After you have decided on the athlete you want to write about, begin drafting to ensure to capture all the main points about them. Different points are important and must be included in your draft as follows:

  • The athlete’s early history – Have details like year of birth, place of birth, parents, siblings, education
  • Their athletes’ journey – Include details on their grade 3 extra curriculum activities, what sports they love, what athletics clubs/colleges they joined.
  • Their athletics career – Draft how they officially joined athletics, what teams they are members of,
  • Achievements – Write about their achievements, goals, and awards

Get permissions and add to your points

Observe writing ethics and get permission from the athlete to write about them and once granted, request them for an interview to get detailed information. Once granted the interview, prepare a set of questions and write them in a simple form.

You may write down questions guided by your draft and it will be okay to ask a question that is already in your draft. If you have questions already covered in your draft, they will help you confirm if your research was right and help you include new questions.

Remember to save the athlete’s time by being brief in your interview and keeping the appointment time. You may face challenges interviewing athletes in person who lives far away in another state or country. In such a case, you may arrange for a video interview.

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Write your final essay

The processes of collecting information could be tedious, but they reward heavily in your final essay because your biography will be detailed with facts. Once you finish gathering all the necessary information about the athlete, start the process of writing your essay.

Your essay should stick to the necessary citations and you must follow the guidelines provided by assigning authority. Remember to include your thesis in your beginning paragraph and depending on the length of your essay, limit the number of words in your thesis.

Give a detailed bio in the body of your essay following the sequence in your draft essay and end with an interesting conclusion. As part of your writing process, you must also be clear about Harvard citation for a better essay.

Edit your athlete’s biography

It is relevant to giving your essay sometime to rest before starting editing and proofreading. You should never rush the editing process but should do a slow process that can be repeated twice or thrice until you come up with a final clean bio essay.

Involving a third party to read your essay can help pinpoint errors you could have ignored and the ones that could have escaped your attention and it can also help you understand if you understood the topic or not.

Sometimes it might be a good idea to pass your essay to a community of writers who can critique, correct, and rate your essay. Criticism will help you become a better essay writer. After thoroughly editing, submit your athlete’s bio essay.


Athlete’s biographies are, in a greater sense, personal stories and it is, therefore, an important ethical action to obtain permission from the person you are writing about. Having a personal encounter with the athlete will give you a confident start to your essay and you will have the chance to hear directly from the person. It is generally good to do your research well before writing about any athlete because an informed writer is a learned informer to the people.

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